Tróndur Patursson

Tróndur Patursson

Faroese painter and sculptor - born 1944

1969-1973 Attended Oslo National Academy of Arts (Statens Kunstakademi), Norway
1967-1969 Attended Voss School of Arts and Craft (Kunsthåndværkerskolen), Norway
1965-1966 Attended classes taught by H.C Høyer at the drawing academy at the Museum of Ancient and Modern Art in Copenhagen, (The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek), Denmark

Patursson has created a number of ornaments, the two most recent being a glass painting for the Church of Our Lady (Vor frue kirke) in Svendborg, Denmark and a composition of glass birds for the children’s department of the Copenhagen University Hospital (Rigshospitalet), Denmark.

Patursson works with many different materials and idioms. His relation to visual art is experimental and reflects a natural consciousness, in terms of forms, in connection with journeys in arctic regions.

Paturssons’ motives are an abstract – expressionistic interpretation of the ocean and the mountains. The observer might be able to detect some human forms or landscapes in the calligraphy. Paturssons’ goal is to make the invisible visible. He strives to give the observer an experience of forces and dimensions that are present in our existence, forces and dimensions that we are not able to grasp with neither senses nor mind.