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Are you interested in modern art and contemporary art? Maybe as a private art buyer? Or as a corporate investor? Our contemporary art gallery is a good place to look. The gallery was founded in 2004 and ever since then, we have – with great enthusiasm – sold contemporary art such as paintings, sculptures, and other art inventory. Our sole purpose is to offer all art enthusiasts and art buyers an immersive experience into the world of contemporary art. We regularly host art exhibitions with popular artists from Denmark and the Faroe Islands. If you have a special interest in art from the Faroe Islands, we have a presentation of Faroese artists and their paintings: Faroese art. Every year we attract a great number of visitors and would also love to welcome you into our gallery close to Copenhagen – in Charlottenlund.

High quality modern art

The gallery has a special interest in both Danish and Faroese art. Selected from recognized and valued artists. At Gallery Lars Borella our guests and customers immerse themself into art, based on a modern, expressive, and colorful expression. The contemporary art has characterized the artistic line in the gallery since we started. The selected artworks you find in the Gallery are all handpicked for their high quality. Our customers are companies and individuals with an interest in high-quality art. In our gallery here on the website, you will find a larger number of works for sale. Get an overview here: Online Art Gallery (in Danish).

Buy art in a trusting atmosphere

At Gallery Lars Borella we believe that choosing good art is best done in a professional, trusting, and pleasant atmosphere. This gives you as a buyer the opportunity to experience and choose the contemporary art at your own pace. It is our experience that this purchase process gives high satisfaction to our regular customers. You can reserve our displayed art by visiting the gallery’s physical store in Charlottenlund, by telephone or via our website. Note! It is always possible to get a private showing, if you are considering purchasing or reserve a special work of art. Another reason for choosing a private showing is the fact that the pieces of art that go on sale, varies from day to day.

Ongoing art exhibitions throughout the year

We hold 6 to 7 exhibitions at the gallery annually. Always with a festive opening. Here you can often not only meet the artist behind the exhibition, but also experience a beautiful and varied choice of works of art and artistic expressions for sale, including oil paintings and acrylic paintings. Watercolors and lithographs. Pencil drawings and sketch drawings. Art ceramics, busts, or portrait paintings by model. Other art objects for the home or workplace. If you sign up for our newsletter today, you will automatically receive an invitation to the next vernissage and exhibition. Go straight to the gallery planner and calendar: Art Exhibitions (in Danish).

Are you considering an art purchase? Or interior design with art?

Need help to choose the right art for at place of business and for home? Or new ideas for interior design? Lars Borella offers advice and guidance in connection with the purchase and selection of art from the gallery. The guidance advice also includes new inspiration for correct decoration and placement of art in your own home or place of business. In addition, the gallery also solves larger art decoration projects in companies that require design and construction. Any project that requires such, is always done in collaboration with skilled architects and artists. Read more: interior design with art (in Danish).

Plan your next visit to the Gallery

Want to find your favorite art piece and call it yours? Feel free to contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you about your wishes for an art purchase. Or maybe a visit to the gallery soon? The gallery and the shop have different opening hours, depending on whether there is a current exhibition or not. Our online gallery is open 24/7. If you want to visit the gallery outside our normal opening hours, please feel free to call and make an appointment that suits you.

Note: We ship worldwide to customers abroad.

Want to visit a modern gallery with outstanding artists? We will be happy to see you!